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Custom Printed Decals

As the name suggests, the custom decals are known as the most useful stickers in the market

The decals tend to create an enormous amount of vibrancy and glitter wherever you place them. People use custom decals, vehicles, jars, boxes, windows, and many other surfaces. You can conveniently use them because they adhere to almost every surface.

Dodo Packaging now offers the most resilient and reliable decals for you. The decals that we customise intent to enhance your sale immediately. Moreover, our custom decals for cars are incredibly cost-effective, and 100% reusable. We manufacture good stickers with vinyl material to spread information regarding whatever subject you wish to. Visit us as soon as possible and get your customised decals made real quickly. 

What is stopping you from getting this offer?


Decals are of numerous types, and each type offers a different service. Custom Printed Decals are a type of imageries that we print on purely self-adhesive vinyl material. Afterwards, you can apply custom wall decals to different suitable backgrounds. These decals serve their purpose in displaying business names, commercial campaigns, and any other information you wish to publish. 

There are a few considerations that one must follow in order to create unique identity in the market. They are given below: 

Wide Range of Materials Selection For Custom Printed Decals?

Dodo Packaging believes that quality is everything which is why we manufacture decals with hard-wearing and long-lasting materials. So decals may serve their purpose usefully. We recommend vinyl material because it is best known for its adhesive properties. Vinyl is considered better than the regular paper stickers as it withers off quickly. Hence, the number of advantages that custom vinyl stickers have over regular sticker paper is a lot more.

Here’s why we use vinyl materials:

  • It does ruins by spills.
  • It is 100% reusable
  • They can serve their purpose in the making of labels as well as various stickers too.
  • They don’t leave any residue on the product after removal.

Types of Custom Printed Decals at Dodo Packaging

The word “custom “means anything and everything that you require. Henceforth, we offer several types and designs of custom printed decals that you can never think of. We make decals for your convenience, but you can let us know if you wish to have some changes. 

Moreover, we give you a choice to create the decals entirely customised tailored for your use only. So you get to choose the size, design, style, type, material, and customisations too.

You can choose from:

    • Transfer Decals
    • Vinyl Lettering
    • Static Clings
    • Custom Car Decals
    • Clear Decals
    • Dry Erase Wall Decals
    • Outdoor Decals
    • Floor Decals
    • Phone Skin Decals
    • Custom Wall Decals
    • Window Decals
    • Reverse Cut Frosted Decals.

Printing and Manufacturing Techniques for Your Custom Printed Decals

To make your deltas more engaging, add colour to your decals using any of these printing methods. We offer these printing techniques so that you can add to the vibrancy and brilliance of the custom wall decals in Australia. Of course, your buyers will love to purchase custom stickers with appealing and alluring animations on them.

  • Digital Printing
  • Offset Printing
  • Screen Printing

Add Elegance with Additional Features

Moreover, our Additional range is all you need to enhance your custom window decals’ adorable coverage. We offer custom decals that are primarily the most effortless ad unique options you can ever find. The Add-ons serve their purpose in reducing the money that you spend on various marketing methods. Use them instead, and you will see a massive shift in your product’s uplifting and sales.

You include the following additional features to your custom logo decals:

  • Perforations
  • Die-cutting
  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Foiling

Add Finishing to Decals with Coatings:

You might not know the value of customisations now, but with the time you will realise the need for adorable coatings onto the decals. As a company, we believe in the fact that the custom car decals in Australia must be as appealing as possible. Therefore, we provide you with an array of options to choose from.

The coatings that we preferably suggest you are:

  • Gloss Coating

Our gloss coating offers luminous and sultry decals that don’t wither off at all. Also, it will embellish the beautiful decals with glitter and shimmer.

  • Matte Coating

On the contrary, the matte coating makes custom hobby decals subtle and appealing—the matte coating aids in enhancing the customised decals’ value and visibility.

Get Prototypes for Your Custom Printed Decals:

Many of our customers are new to Dodo Packaging in Australia, which is why we offer various prototypes for their satisfaction. All these prototypes are pre-made samples of the stickers and custom decals in Australia. However, all these options are left for our customers to decide what they wish to have. 

The three sampling methods that we have for you are:

  • Flat view

You receive a two-dimensional image of the custom wall decals in Australia. Also, you can assess the borders and parts of the decals.

  • 3D Mockup

We also offer a 3D sample for all of our customers. You get to receive a three-dimensional illustration of the custom die-cut vinyl decals that you choose.

  • Physical Sampling

In the end, a lot of customers are always in need of better satisfaction which is why we try our best to deliver a physical sample of custom car vinyl decals at your doorstep. It consists of various aspects of stickers covered.

Why Choose Us?

Dodo Packaging creates the most affordable custom decals for its clients. You can use our decals to enhance the value of your products. You can use them on windows, and you can print as much as text as you like. 

All these options are available for our beloved customers so that they can have the best. Moreover, you are also free to use these custom decals for wood on your cars too, and we assure you that they will not damage the car’s surface. 


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