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Dodo Packaging has only one aim: maintain their old customers and bring new ones in. While at the same time, increasing their return on investment. When the equation is right, only then your business become successful in the market.  

Nevertheless, several factors play their role in making you what you want. We can fulfil all your needs the right way. We make sure our clients have a comfortable space to share their ideas and concerns. For that, we hire competent individuals who know what they are doing and do their work best. 

You may come across many CBD Boxes in Australia, but we make it completely different from the rest. The reason for such splendid boxes is because we make it by our heart. If you are into free will personalization, free delivery across Australia, reasonable rates, and quality packaging, then we are the right choice for you. 

Why Do You Need CBD Boxes? 

We provide custom-printed CBD Boxes to help businesses in different domains like cannabis tincture, bath bombs, cannabis edibles, oil bottles, and others CBD induced products. You can elegantly encase your hemp oil, vape juices, and other types of CBD products in our amazing CBD boxes.

You can encase your CBD products in our spending CBD tuck end, sleeve, gable, and other box styles. To raise the quality of your CBD packaging, we are here to assist you. Our CBD packaging is crafted decently and protects your delicate products completely.

The Material Of The Packaging Dictates The Future of Company 

CBD Products are sensitive, and their safety is a top priority for the manufacturer. To ensure the safety of your product you need the packaging that will ensure they reach their destination in a safe form. What is the factor that plays an important role in this regard? In this case, the material of the packaging comes to play its part. 

Which material you choose will write the product’s future and the brand’s image in the consumers’ eyes. As a printing company who has years of experience in this field, we suggest our clients to always check their preferences. If you are targeting a local market, then the material should be good and reasonable. However, if you have customers in international markets, then specific materials will be the best option. 

So, what are those material choices? They are as follows: 

  • Kraft. Least harmful for the environment, and preferred by many. 
  • Corrugated Material. The best choice for international shipments and is the sturdiest among all. 
  • Cardstock Material. Good for a good impression and local audience. 
  • Rigid Material. Impress your clients with rigid material and use them for long-distance deliveries and ensure the safety of CBD product.. 

How Do You Want To Design The CBD Box? Be Wise And Smart

Trying to fix your CBD product into an irregular shaped box? Well, it will not just ruin your product but also the presentation. So, before you make a decision without thinking or consulting experts, it’s better to just hold on and think. 

You must be wondering which design will then be perfect for your CBD product. We have a number of designs that can cater to your needs with CBD vape boxes

Get amazing custom printed CBD Boxes from us by selecting any design you like; these are as follows: 

  • Tuck-End Box.
  • Display Box. 
  • Sleeve Box. 
  • Two-piece Box.  

Add-Ons Are Important To Make A Strong Impression

The best thing about the custom CBD boxes wholesale is that it helps to grow your business. If you are here with the purpose of getting a wrapping paper for your CBD induced product, then you need to know a lot! The packaging industry has many advantages; if done right, it can take your business to top, and if not, they can severely affect your revenues and profits. 

Certainly, which company would want to give their sales? After all, it is the bonus on investment that counts. You can make a lasting impact with additional features and as a result of your marketing campaigns for CBD Packaging Boxes. 

Dodo Packaging offers a wide range of features, but here are some of them: 

  • Spot UV 
  • Embossing 
  • Debossing 
  • PVC Sheet 
  • Window Cut 
  • Hot Stamping 

If you think your option or requirement is not on our list, no problem you can share your ideas with our concerned team, and we will make it for you.  

Coating Will Never Disappoint You

The packaging coating has many benefits like it protects your product from several external damages. For instance, they will protect the product from cuts and climate effects. Apart from this, different coating types enhance the appeal of the box. After all, most of us look at the outlook and then inquire about what’s inside the box. 

To make your custom CBD boxes a masterpiece, you can choose any of the following coating types:

  • Matte Coating. To give a subtle and solid finish to the CBD packaging, the matte coating is your perfect choice. It does not shimmer in the sun, but that doesn’t mean everyone wants shimmery surfaces. Some are serious and expressive; for such people, the matte coating is a perfect choice.
  • Gloss Coating. Gloss coating give off a shiny touch to the packaging surface. The surface reflects in the sunlight, thus making the customers go all glitter and glowy. 

Whichever coating is suitable for your CBD box, let us know, and we will get to work right away.

Why Choose Dodo Packaging?

At Dodo Packaging, you will get the high standard inks and printing on the best CBD packaging in Australia. It is highly regarded and proves to be substantial for your packaging. We use eco-friendly inks that do not harm the environment. 

Our team understands your terms, and for that purpose, we conclude an enthralling packaging with the help of eco-friendly inks. Moreover, we offer the fastest turnaround time and free shipment all over Australia now. 

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