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All edible items are served fresh, and this is their charm. No retailer wants to sell any edible that is not withing its best condition. Without a doubt, the quality of the packaging is directly proportional to the number of customers. The prettier the box, the more customers it entices. Therefore, packaging companies are giving tough competition to each other. We are one of a kind. Dodo Packaging uses paper-based materials to make custom food packaging. They are available in plenty of various dimensions and figures. They all are durable and sturdy as well.

Furthermore, all paper-based materials help us to make biodegradable packaging. It helps save the nature. Also, the most popular types we offer for the packing of food packaging boxes are:

Pizza Boxes (Mailer boxes)
Burger Boxes

Party food Boxes
And many more.

By any means, the reach of every product is increased by its appearance. This is why having very creative boxes for edible products are essential. The boxes leave a lovely impact on the patrons. Hence, they wish to come again. For this purpose, get your hands on the most outclass coatings.

The Gloss Coating is for the best use if you want more glow in your custom printed food boxes. On the contrary, matte is the exact opposite of gloss, making the boxes look prettier without the shine. The addition of opaqueness is given. However, the UV coating is generally a mixture of gloss and matte. The foiling of gold and silver is also obtainable.
How Do We Make Food Boxes
Dodo Packaging’s custom food boxes go through different manufacturing steps, giving it the best shape for marketing your products in the best way possible. However, we try so hard to maintain the accuracy and sharp corners for your products. Here are some of the techniques we use to make those eye-catchy boxes
Custom Die-Cutting:
We provide the best manufacturing technique in the region, and the first is ours die cutting manufacturing style for custom food boxes wholesale. We use a flat sheet, and on that, we operate the die-cutting which forms the best box style that you ordered us.

However, this could be any box-like mailer food boxes, tuck-end food boxes, food gift boxes, gable food boxes, sleeve food boxes, etc. We are focused on the way you have ordered, which will help us to admire the facts that you provide and the finishing we do on them.
Gluing the Die-cutting Boxes:
After the die-cutting process, then the box arrives on the glueing stage. Therefore, the production team then turns the die-cut box into the attached box, gluing the corners and flaps with turn the box in the best food box there ever will be.
Scoring for the Custom Food Boxes:
Our scoring processes are also customisable as we offer to score from thinner to the thicker. Therefore, it is depended on the weight of your retail food product. Because the more weight your product has the more scoring needs to be denser and smarter, similarly, like that the lesser weight in a box, the thinner is the scoring of it.
Additional Features for your Food Boxes:
We understand the beauty gives everything for making the packaging attractive. Because everyone loves some kind of food, looking at this scenario, we provide some of the best add-ons making your product packaging by the eye of a salesman.

PVC Sheets
Spot UV
Holographic Foiling

PVC Sheets:
We use PVC sheet on the window on the boxes, which helps to look at the actual food product within the containers. The sheet is waterproof and helps protect food products from bugs and flies, helping not ruin the products.
We provide colourful, foiling techniques. It helps in making the boxes shiny and impressive. The bright colours the most attractive the packaging looks to make the boxes more attractive for the marketing value.

Using foiling gave your product packaging a push making your product unique. Also, using some images on the top of takeaway food boxes significantly impacts the boxes.
What type of Printing Is Best for Food Boxes
Dodo Packaging provides the best printing processes that give the best of the bests in the whole of Australia. However, we provide cardbaord food boxes at retailer rates, as well. If you order food boxes in wholesale, you can get the best discount offers from us.

However, with retail rates, they are a little bit costly because of the quantity and vice versa. Therefore, we offer two major printing processes that will make your product boxes viral in the market, which will give you benefits professionally.

Offset Printing
Digital Printing

Offset Printing
Offset is the best printing process using the best CMYK colour scheme and giving away multiple shades of a similar colour. Dodo Packaging in AU can print custom food packaging in bulk, giving you fantastic discount offers.
Digital Printing
If you want to make your food packaging without any hesitating, we suggest deciding on digital printing.

Order for using different types of addons on them, making the food packaging shimmering and elegant at the same time. You can get multiple shades, on your amazingly crafted food boxes using different complementary and vice versa.
Dodo Packaging Now in Australia
Dodo Packaging has nailed its steps in the USA and UK and now making a triangle on the world map, by choosing Australia for providing its services with pleasure.

So order now and enjoy the fantastic services and gain the best custom food boxes in Australia at the best affordable rates.

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