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Work Flow

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Finalise and Delivered

Choose a lamination for your box’s finishing. This is the final step before the order is processed.



Custom Packaging & Boxes Wholesale in Australia

Leading companies understand the importance of personalized packaging. Not only because it keeps their products safe, fresh and protected, but also because it plays an integral part in marketing. A well-executed marketing plan ensures customers are constantly coming in and increasing in number. Therefore, these leading brands do not take custom boxes lightly. And so must you!

Dodo Packaging can help you with all the information and guidance you need to create a masterpiece. Stand out in the market with unique custom product boxes designs. How will you create those designs? Competent designers will make them for you. To have such a team, you must partner with an authentic printing entity.

When such is the case, look no further than Dodo Packaging. We are what you have been searching for all this time. However, there is a proper system for every procedure and compulsory steps. They are explained below one by one; read them carefully and then contact us for further queries or a free quote.

Our Quality Material Makes Your Product Boxes Strong and Sturdy

Most businesses neglect packaging material and, in the end, face severe consequences. It happens because they think material does not do anything; the product determines the revenue and successful marketing. However, after repetitive losses, they know that customers check the product later; he/she first observe the packaging of custom retail boxes.

They only intend to purchase if they find it attractive, solid and of good quality. One thing needs to be pointed out here: they come to know the importance of material only when they face failure. This is due to hiring a poor packaging company that neither guides skilfully nor provides genuine materials.

On the other hand, Dodo Packaging has been in the industry for a long time now. We know each and everything and easily recommend some of the best materials out there. For instance, a few of them are discussed here:

Cardstock Material

The cardstock material can be a good option for your custom printed boxes if your shipments are within the city. It is heavier than standard writing material but lighter than other paperboards. The composition makes it a good alternative for local usage.

Eco-Friendly Kraft Material

Why opt for harmful options when you can have eco-friendly Kraft material for your custom product boxes Australia? Yes, you read it right. Kraft is the most famous and popular material in the world right now. People are looking for ways to cause minimum damage to the environment while creating unique boxes for their business at the same time. Kraft can do both tasks beautifully.

Corrugated Material

Corrugated material takes the lead when it comes to international and long-distance shipments. To ensure your product safely reaches its destination, go with corrugated material for your Custom Retail Packaging. It consists of flutes and two linerboards. There are various flutes with varying thicknesses whose application depends upon the requirement. The composition makes this material solid and rugged enough to cater to rough travelling situations.

  • A flute (5mm)
  • B flute (3mm)
  • C flute (4mm)
  • E flute (1.5mm)
  • F flute (0.6mm)

Rigid Material

When mentioning the boss among materials, we can think of none other than Rigid material. Its minimum thickness ranges up to 32 pt. The rigid material is the best choice for PR packages and gifting purposes because it makes a statement wherever the box goes.

Get Amazing Designs For Your Custom Product Boxes

The outlook of the box matters a lot because people usually notice the outer appearance more than the product inside. Henceforth, it would help if you made your boxes’ design worthy of attention. You can create unique designs such as Custom Boxes With Logo by making one of the following design types:

  • Tuck-end Box
  • Display Box
  • Sleeve Box
  • Two-piece Box
  • Gable Box
  • Rectangle Box
  • Square Box
  • Pyramid Box
  • 5 Panel Hanger Box
  • Mailer Box
  • Dispenser Box
  • Seal-End Box

We deal in all custom boxes, including retail boxes, gift boxes, display boxes, custom cone sleeves, cartons & custom bags, etc in Australia.

Which Printing Method Is Best For You? Find Out Here!

The printing method dictates the future of your brand. It predicts how you will be receiving your box at your doorstep. With the advancements in the packaging industry, several new printing techniques were introduced with time. To make sure, Dodo Packaging has always been up to date with these innovations.

We offer three different methods suitable for every business type and every type of Custom Boxes in Australia. All you have to do is tell us your requirements and select the method. Leave the rest to us and wait for your package. The methods are given below:

  • Digital Printing
  • Offset Printing
  • Screen Printing

Our Colour Models Speak Volumes

Like smile and happiness bring life to our lives; similarly, colours add grace to the Wholesale Boxes. The experts at Dodo Packaging will ensure you get the right colour combination for your packaging order. They are well aware of the market trends, remain up-to-date with the consumers’ needs, and thus, are fully capable of helping you.

Which model would you like to choose for your project? We have the following two types:

  • CMYK Model: The CMYK model consists of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key Black colours. Though the colour choices are limited, you won’t be disappointed in the quality.
  • PMS Model: The PMS model – Pantone Matching System has various colour options to meet your needs. You will have a vast range of choices to choose from. It is a bit more expensive than the prior model but totally worth it.

These Additional Features Will Transform Your Product Boxes

The packaging is not a mere four-walled box. It is more than the dull, plain or rough boxes on the retail shelves. All you need is creativity, and everything else falls in its place. Suppose you know how to make a simple box into alluring packaging. However, if you have an idea but do not know what to do, we come into action.

Share your wishes and requirements; our teams will work on them immediately.

Additional features are essential in the sense that they help to make your brand different from the rest. Adding a logo name or handwritten note for your customer in the box will take your business to great heights of success. This is what add-ons can do to your revenue.

Dodo Packaging can make your dreams a reality if you trust our services. We offer the following features to cater to your needs. Have a look:

  • Spot UV
  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Window-cut
  • PVC Sheet
  • Die-cut

Check Our Prototypes, Anytime

Prototypes are the gateway to longer, lasting relationships with clients. Once you prove your worth through samples, clients will automatically value your services and prefer you over other options.

Dodo Packaging understands the severity of sending prototypes. Our team is always ready for exciting challenges. Therefore, ask us for the prototype if you want to see how we make Custom Boxes at Wholesale rates. We will send you the sample through the following methods:

  • Flat View. Through the flat view, we send a 2D e-file. You can easily observe the rear and front view of the sample box.
  • 3D Inspection. The 3D Inspection is an advanced method involving a 3D mock-up video of the box. This method enables you to check on the edges, angles, and sides correctly.
  • Physical Sampling. This method is for conscious businesses out there. Those who want to see the sample live can have it on their doorstep through a physical sampling option.

Dodo Packaging Is Your Ultimate Guide For All Packaging Situations

Are you looking for Custom printed packaging for small business services that fulfil all your packaging needs without complaining about the budget and other requirements? Then look no further than Dodo Packaging.

We are here to help you achieve all your dreams through our packaging skills. You must wonder why we are your ultimate guide for all packaging situations. Well, have a look at the following bullet points:

  • We offer rational packages suitable for every business type.
  • You get supplementary discounts on bulk orders.
  • Our delivery is free of charge.
  • We have the fastest turnaround time.
  • You can place an order with the smallest of 100 boxes.
  • Our customer care is available 24/7

If you think we can be your packaging partner for all Custom Product Packaging needs, contact us anytime, anywhere.


Looking for Something
Outside the box?

For custom projects of large quantity of Custom Boxes or Custom Printed Boxes Australia, Dodo Packaging is offering die cuts, litho, special ïŹnishes, additional styles and more.



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