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It’s hard for any company to survive without a purpose – The purpose or mission upon which it laid its foundation. This is because the right purpose always drives us; it gives us a purpose to strive and work hard. 

Dodo Packaging is lucky in the sense that we did not come into being without any purpose. In fact, our founding fathers had a great mission and passion. 

They were a group of friends who firstly worked at a packaging company. That company paid no heed to the needs of its employees and always betrayed them for their personal benefits. These friends who were also a victim of their former employers did not want anybody else to go through such circumstances. 

They were all experienced, well-versed, and well-trained individuals. They had every knowledge related to the packaging industry. So, one day they decided to establish their own packaging company – Dodo Packaging! 

That’s how Dodo Packaging came into the limelight. Through several years, they continued to flourish and make a name in the market. People started knowing them, their orders started pouring in, and eventually, they became one of the strongest companies in the market. However, they (founders) never forgot the reason, the purpose, and their mission. This is the short story of how Dodo Packaging came into being. 

From the time of inception till today, we have gone through a lot. With the evolution of the industry, different techniques, machines, materials, methods, and whatnot came into the market. We made sure we are aware of these upcoming changes and additions. 

At Dodo Packaging, you can enjoy a number of facilities and services. They are given below: 

We Offer Free Consultation Service

Suppose you know what you need – perfect! But if you are not sure about a process, technique, machines, or trend, then no worries, we got you covered! Our experts will provide you free of cost consultation service. 

They say it’s a wise decision to consult before making a final decision. There must be so many things that we do not see from a single person’s perspective. However, when two or three experienced persons discuss a situation, there is more than one solution!
Hence, we recommend our clients go through consultation service to avoid unwanted circumstances. 

We Offer Free Delivery Across Australia

Doesn’t it feel good when you get free delivery? Dodo Packaging, be it a small order or big, send you your items free of cost!
Sounds good, isn’t it? Well, when we say we care for you, we mean it! 

Enjoy Every Packaging Service At Dodo Packaging

From materials to sending prototype methods, we have each and every service and facility at your service.
Not just that, we also offer customization option to our clients. Hence, feel free to customize your product’s packaging just the way you want.

We Offer 24/7 Customer Care

In between the hustle, if you find the need to talk to our representative about any issue – feel free to contact us at any time because we are available 24/7!
To ask about our services, about us and much more – we are always present for you!

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