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Stickers and Labels are a valuable asset, especially when it comes to marketing. 

Have you ever come across your favourite sports team logo on a random car window? Do you recall memorable quotes on nearby shop windows? What do you know they are? Well, they are all custom printed stickers, built on client’s demand. 

We provide comprehensive and unlimited customisation. You have complete liberty to pick the size, shape, dimension, type, coating, and any add on that concerns your order. Printing companies rarely give a free hand in customisation. Still, we are proud to say that we believe in our clients and respect their decisions.

Are you also looking for custom printed stickers as well? If so, do not look any further other than Dodo Packaging. After great accomplishment from the UK and USA, we are now taking in the Australian market as well. You can contact us today to get a quote. 

Why Do You Need Stickers? 

Custom made stickers are the best way to convey your message without speaking a single word. As a matter of fact, they are made for the very purpose. Imagine you are a supporter of a sports team and wants the world to know about it. Custom decal stickers will play the role on your behalf. All you need to do is choose the best sticker that suits your requirements and stick to any surface. To give a better idea about the anatomy of stickers, here is all the fundamental information that you will need to completely customize your custom printed stickers that suits your requirements. 

An Array of Sticker Materials

Your custom logo stickers are not successful unless you select the perfect material for them. You already have a good idea about the situation of competition out there; therefore you cannot risk your reputation and lose loads of loyal customers. So what can you do? Provide the best custom stickers made with high-end quality! 

Dodo Packaging, with its high reputation, can solve your problem easily. Here are materials that can help you a lot, have a look: 

  • Waterproof Stickers
  • Reflective Stickers
  • Permanent Adhesive
  • Gloss Finish
  • Matte Finish

What Type Of Stickers Suits Your Requirements?

Custom Stickers are used for several purposes. It is impossible to cover a wide range of scope into a few lines. However, we will highlight the most utilised custom stickers in Australia.

They are as follows: 

  • Front Adhesive Stickers
  • Heat Stickers
  • Stickers for glass
  • Die-cut stickers 

Pick Shapes and Dimensions for Your Custom Stickers

We are now providing custom vinyl stickers, which are no minimum than any other type of stickers. You can select any desired shape of your sticker. However, the most used are:

  • Rectangle
  • Oval
  • Square
  • Circle

However, with Dodo Packaging you aren’t just limited to these obvious shapes. We provide our customers with custom die-cutting. Through die-cutting, you can nearly get any custom cut. If you want your sticker to shape like an octopus, we can do that. 

After selecting the shape, we come towards dimensions. The dimension may vary according to the area available. Make sure you give us precise calculations; if it is not possible, we can help you with consultation assistance. The following are the popular sizes which we offer:

  • 1″ x 2.625″ 
  • 1.75″ x 0.5″
  • Custom sizes.
  • And many more.

Dodo Packaging Provides Premium Printing And Manufacturing Techniques For Custom Stickers

It’s apparent that you cannot get a custom vinyl stickers in Australia at cheap rates without compromising the quality. Nonetheless, with us you can make custom stickers your regular use as Dodo Packaging provides the quality with fewer rates, and best printing services in Australia.

The manufacturing techniques that we use are given below: 

  • Offset Printing
  • Digital Printing
  • Screen Printing

There are several different types of printers. However, we use large format inkjet printers that are only for custom printed stickers wholesale.

Large-format inkjet printers come with basic white colours with which we make foundation canvas and then print graphics on it. We use different inks for different materials. The major types of inks are UV, pigment, and dye ink. Our custom stickers are printed with professional and high-quality printers. 

Give Your Sticker a Premium Finishing with Our Coatings

The coating enhances the outlook of the stickers. You can add coatings on your address custom name stickers to make them look graceful. Moreover, coatings provide protection at the same time. Are you ready to apply coatings on your custom printed wedding stickers? If so, our company is here to help you with the coatings. The following are the coating types that we provide: 

  • Matte Coating

Matte coating is kind of rough, hard, and solid texture to the address labels. However, this coating will give a very satisfactory finish to the stickers. Therefore, if you require to give a more elegant and decent touch to your custom stickers in Australia, then the matte coating can do this task amazingly.

  • Gloss Coating

If you want to have a shiny and bright surface, gloss coating is perfect for this purpose. It reflects in the sunlight and gives off an attractive look to custom car stickers

Get Prototypes for Your Custom Stickers

Do you want to know how we make custom printed stickers in Australia? It is human nature that when we see something live, we can make a decision subsequently. The same goes for stickers. When our clients ask us for samples, we happily send them to build trust as our aim is to make long-lasting relationships.

There are three options for you to inspect our stickers, select either one or all of them:

  • Flat View
  • 3D Inspection
  • Physical Sampling

Why Choose Dodo Packaging for Custom Stickers?

It is no surprise or new news that our houses end up with numerous printing companies’ advertisements every once a while. Some of them are reliable and genuine companies, but most of them are frauds with speaking skills. 

There are several reasons for you to choose Dodo Packaging Australia, some of them are:

  • We offer free all over Australia
  • We provide reasonable price rates 
  • When you order custom window stickers bulk, we give your further discount
  • Dodo provides quickest turnaround time 
  • Our customer care is available 24/7 to cater to your needs 
  • You can place your order with 100 stickers

If you think we are the right choice for your custom printed labels stickers, then feel free to contact us anytime, anywhere.

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