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Custom Car Bumper Stickers

Your bumper sticker is an investment that you should take pride in as you drive around town with a sticker on your car bumper. The one downside to cheap custom stickers is the natural limelight in the brightness of the sun. However, with our UV bumper sticker coating, you don’t worry about any sun rays damaging your car bumper or the wrapping on it. 

Most of the other stickers fade away with intense sunlight, seriously damaging cheap quality stickers. If you live in Wyndham, Marble Bar, Warmun, or Kununurra or any other Australia cities where summers can get severe, you need to get UV coated custom bumper stickers for your car. 


Custom made bumper stickers are the most in-demand product that any car lover would ever need. These bumper stickers can offer advertisement benefits for all. They probably are the most cost-effective marketing technique that can think of. Bumper stickers are popular because of its ease of use on any car bumper. You can stick them on your fenders, bumper, or any other place you think is suitable for your thoughts’ advertisement or expression. They prove to be of great value. 

Wide Range of Materials for Bumper Stickers?

We provide custom bumper stickers in Australia with high context and demanding styles can fill up your need for perfect stickers. You don’t worry about what types and samples are essential or worthy because Dodo Packaging is here to provide the best custom stickers online. Crafting die-cutting sticky adhesive with non-sticky residue can be the best type for your car. Get vinyl-based bumper stickers with best-corrugated packaging, which can protect your sticker from humidity and ultraviolet rays from the sun. 

Talking about the material, we use polyvinyl and PVC to make custom bumper stickers. You can not get any better material than PVC for your bumpers as it leaves no residue behind if you ever need to peel it off. 

Types of Bumper Stickers That Our Company Offers

Just like all of our other products, we have bumpers stickers in several types. Each type and category offer a distinct and diverse purpose. Therefore, a long list of options for you is nothing less than what you have in your mind. Ensure that you choose the right type of bumper sticker for your car depending on your purpose. 

We demonstrate the use of every sticker separately, so there is nothing to worry about. All the sticker categories mentioned below are high quality and durable sticker categories. Here are some of the most demanded types of custom car stickers in Australia 

  • Custom Car Bumper Stickers
  • Custom Window Stickers
  • Transparent stickers for cars
  • Transfer bumper stickers
  • Car bumper lettering
  • Static car sticker clings

Shapes and Dimensions for Your Bumper Stickers

Are you looking for some shapes and sizes for bumper stickers? Then you are at the right place. The custom die-cut bumper stickers we offer are available in various forms, size, and designs. This offer is for all of our customers because the right dimensions are critical. Dodo Packaging provides you with the opportunity for selecting our required size and lets us know. We can create the sticker of the same size as per your requirements.  

Printing and Manufacturing Techniques for Your Bumper Stickers

Our printing and manufacturing techniques contribute significantly to the eventual quality of our bumper stickers. Therefore, we only rely on the state of the art resources. For manufacturing these stickers for you, we have a set of techniques. You must be thinking about why multiple processes? Because different materials require different methods for perfect results. Some key printing strategies we prefer for custom bumper stickers are below.

  • Flexography
  • Offset Printing
  • Digital Printing

We also have different strategies for the manufacturing of these stickers. Using die-cut and kiss-cut techniques, we produce clear stickers for you. We make sure of excellent quality for all stickers we have. 

Give Finishing to Your Bumper Stickers with The Help of Coatings:

We are now going to elaborate on facts that make the best of the best services in Australia. Talking about the coatings and finishing styles, you would be glad to hear that we provide all of them. Which are:

  • Gloss Coating on Bumper Stickers
  • Matte Coating on Bumper Stickers
  • Satin Coating on Bumper Stickers

If you have seen these coatings before, you will be happy to see that Dodo Packaging deals in multiple more coating styles. You can get those by contacting us for your order. After the coatings, your bumper sticker will become waterproof, which is the demand of the customers.

You can turn your bumper stickers into branded customisation, which can be top-notch glossy or premium looking with elegancy matte coloured. Still, if you want a new mixture so, you can try satin coatings. But if you don’t satisfy with that, we have another feature up against our sleeves, “Our Add-ons.”

Add Additional Features to Bumper Stickers:

Dodo Packaging believes in the quality and decoration that will go to attract customers with positivity. We offer lots of new add-ons. You can select them very quickly. There are some of our designs you might love your use:

  • Holographic Foiling
  • Hot Stamping
  • Spot UV & Spot AQ
  • Embossing and Debossing

These are some more add-ons that depend upon the custom bumper stickers looks and vice versa, but those depend upon the order you gave us.

Get Prototypes for Your Bumper Stickers

Dodo Packaging attempts to create perfect custom car bumper stickers online, and our free prototypes help us in this cause. These prototypes highlight the necessary improvements in sticker designs. If you don’t like the print or cut off your face sticker, you can inform us, and we will make the necessary development to satisfy you. 

Why Choose Dodo Packaging?

We offer unique solutions to diverse sticker needs. Our countless options let each of our clients create unique bumper stickers. Moreover, our wholesale bumper stickers are never low on quality. Freely order wholesale custom wall stickers from Dodo Packaging Australia.


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