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With the growing industrialization, the competition in the markets has grown tremendously. It has risen to such an extent that sometimes coping with the competition seems impossible.

We witness many new companies and brands in the stores, malls, and marketplaces. When a particular product has many manufacturers, it becomes difficult for the audience to choose one. Similarly, it becomes extremely competitive for companies too.

They have to look for ways through which they can reach the ‘unique’ spot. There are several marketing techniques to achieve that. One of those techniques is ‘Packaging’. By creating different Custom Product Boxes, you can secure a unique spot in the market.
Why Is Packaging Important?
Packaging has become an integral part of every company’s marketing plan. Do you know why is this so? According to a survey, 81% of consumers try something new because their packaging caught their attention.

This is the power of powerful packaging. Businesses understand this fact and, therefore, work towards the betterment of their customer retention and bright monetary future.

Once you understand the importance of packaging, the next step is to hire a competent entity. It should be a entity that knows what you are looking for and knows how to do it.

Are you looking for genuine Custom Packaging Services? If yes, then you have come to the right place.

Dodo Packaging is the name of trust. We are one of the renowned companies in the region. The reason for our popularity is authentic services and friendly behavior.

We would like to welcome you into our fraternity. But before that, there are few essential stages in the packaging procedure that you should know at all costs.

They are given below, read carefully:
The Material For Your Custom Boxes AU Dictates Your Brand’s Future
We are very careful with words because something that is written for once has to be proven right. This is why, if we are saying that material for your boxes dictates your brand’s future – we mean it!

A good quality material increases the outlook of your box. In contrast, a cheap quality material dulls the entire outlook. Hence, a good quality material box will get you more consumers as compared to a poor quality material box. Therefore, material dictates your brand’s future.

Now, as we have cleared our statement with a logical stance. We offer the following types of materials to meet your needs. They are as follows:

Cardstock. Cardstock is lighter than other paperboards but heavier than standard writing material. It is a good option for national or local shipments. Cardstock can protect your product and deliver securely. Eco-friendly Kraft. Then comes eco-friendly Kraft. Kraft is a recycled and biodegradable material. It is made from harmless and recycled items, which is why they cause no harm to the environment. Most companies are preferring Kraft because of its eco-friendly quality.
Corrugated. When we talk about corrugated, we usually consider it for international and long-distance shipments. Corrugated material’s composition consists of flutes and two linerboards. There are many flutes with varying thicknesses, and their application depends upon the requirement. However, when you are using corrugated, one thing is for sure – secure delivery of your product.
Rigid. Last but not least, rigid material is the go-to option for all PR packages. Not just that, it is best for gifting purposes as well. Rigid material’s minimum thickness ranges up to 32 pt. Hence, it is a strong and solid material that should be used for important purposes.

Make Your Custom Packaging AU Unique with Eye-Catching Designs
If you are launching your product in a new market, what do you think about how you can impress the audience there? Have you thought about it? If you thought that through packaging design, you could help attract customers, then you are hundred percent right.

How you design your box speaks volumes! Dodo Packaging’s designers are well-trained, skilled, and qualified for all sorts of challenges. They are trained enough to meet any deadline.

Hence, you do not have to worry about Printing & designing boxes AU at all costs. We offer the following designs:

Tuck-end Box
Mailer Box
Two-Piece Box
Sleeve Box
Gable Box
Dispenser Box
Rectangle Box
Pyramid Box

These are a few of the examples if you any other style in mind. Feel free to share with our team. They will get to work right away.
Add Coating For A Better Experience
The coating is best for your Custom Boxes wholesale because it not only serves as a protective layer but adds grace to your box. Hence, one must never neglect its importance.

Dodo Packaging can make the coating experience memorable for you through the following types:

Matte Coating
Gloss Coating

Choose The Right Color Model For Your Order
Just like you need colors in life to make it lovely, similarly, packaging also needs colors to make it lively. Do not worry when Dodo Packaging is your go-to partner for the purpose. We understand our clients as well as their customers’ needs. After a thorough analysis, we recommend them the best color combination that suits all their needs.

However, if you come up with your own choice, we have no issue at all. Here are the color models we employ in our procedures:

CMYK Model
PMS Model

Additional Features Are Life Saver
Never take the add-ons lightly. Even adding one add-on to your plain packaging can make a huge difference. For instance, you can make Custom Boxes With logo by applying Spot UV for the logo. It will highlight your brand’s name and, at the same create a unique, compelling box.

You must be wondering which add-ons we provide well down below are some of them:

Spot UV
Window Cut
Hot Stamping
PVC Sheet

Get Your Prototypes Today!
The best way to recognize a genuine company is through prototypes. If they send you the samples on time and without excuses, then go for them!

Dodo Packaging feels excited and proud when our clients demand prototypes. It shows their commitment to work with us and gives us a chance to prove our services.

Following are the methods through which you can get your prototypes right on time:

Flat View
3D Inspection
Physical Sampling

Dodo Packaging Is Suitable Choice For All Your Packaging Situations
Ask your acquaintances, read reviews, go through testimonials, and hunt the market for the best printing entity. It is easy as well as difficult to get the right company for your requirements because quacks are part of society too.

However, if you inquire about Dodo Packaging, you will be as much satisfied as we are with our teams. We work hard to build strong relationships with our clients. Thus, providing genuine services is essential for that.

However, in order to clarify further, read these bullets carefully:

We offer reasonable packages suitable for every business type.
You get further discounts on bulk orders.
Our delivery is free of charge.
We have the quickest turnaround time.
You can place an order with a minimum of 100 boxes.
Our customer care is available 24/7

If you think we can be your packaging partner for Custom Printed Product Packaging, then contact us anytime, anywhere.

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