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Gifts incite everyone, and it tops off when it comes in custom gift packaging. Dodo Packaging provides a splendid presentation for meaningful gifts and transforms the whole experience for higher profits. 

We also manufacture elegant gift boxes for all of our customers. We are now offering gift boxes in all different settings.

Starting from custom sizes to different shapes of boxes, we can make the gift perfect for every occasion by ensuring a suitable as well as meaningful and beautiful presentation. We also have access to premium resources that allow you to create exquisite boxes for gifts.

With the help of customisations, we are able to develop unique boxes for every different kind of gift. So whether it is a wedding gift or travel gift, you will have a perfect package for its packaging that will eventually increase its overall value. To order gift boxes in Australia, you can rely on Dodo Packaging.

Without any doubt receiving a gift cheers everyone up; however, there is way more satisfaction in giving than receiving them. If you want to enhance this feeling, you need to select the best in the market. To provide a personal touch to the gifts always add unmatchable value to the present. So, if you are planning to gift something to your beloved ones, collaborate with Dodo Packaging to enhance the Christmas gift boxes experience.

Materials That We Have For Gift Boxes:

Gifts are often very delicate and carry emotions with them, so one must not take any risks—Dodo Packaging manufacture cardboard gift boxes in Australia that are reliable, strong, and sturdy. So, in order to carry this process out, we offer a number of materials for your gift boxes.


Card-stock has been our most selling material for a long time because it is an ideal choice. We use it to make all kinds of chocolate gift boxes, food boxes, stationery boxes, retail boxes, and cosmetic boxes well. The ideal thickness of card-stock that we use is 14 pt as it is neither too thick nor too thin. Moreover, it is a multi-purpose material because we can also make some special custom folders using it. This was an idea, just in case you feel like making a second plan.


Kraft is another fantastic material that we have. It is one of the best choices because it is recyclable and reusable so that you can reuse it over and over again. We have also been proud to use it as it pays no harm to our planet and assures us that it is purely biodegradable. So, if you think that you must also play your part in keeping the environment safe, this is what you should take.


Besides, kraft and card-stock are simple solutions, but we don’t use them for that due to shipping intensity.  This is why we offer the corrugated material instead. It is made up of the thickest flutes and is famous for being the most durable material in the packaging industry. Furthermore, we also assure that the shipment remains safe and sound until it reaches its buyers. With us, you don’t need to worry about gifts, and they are in safe hands because our custom printed gift boxes will take care of them.

Popular Styles For Gift Packaging

Dodo Packaging provides a variety of gift box types that you can use as custom gift boxes wholesale. Moreover, there are countless add-on options that you can use on these box styles to glam up the entire look.  

Sleeve Boxes

These boxes are also known as slide-open boxes, tray boxes, and slide-out gift boxes. Sleeve boxes provide an ideal way to show off the gift. The unique opening style of the tube enhances the overall unboxing experience.

Moreover, you can also add more features to enhance the functionality of our gift boxes. This means you can add sections and perforations to keep the fragile gift items intact and away from harm.

If you want to add a creative touch to your small gift boxes, you can ask our design experts and get different colours for the drawer’s outer and inner sides. Further, you can also opt for an alternative outer box, for example, a flat-folding sleeve.

Usually, our customers like to add some compartments inside the drawer boxes. Dodo Packaging offers different types of dividers, folding paper inserts, custom inserts, and even moulded divisions made from high-quality foam covered with satin or velvet. These add-ons will further add luxe to your brown gift boxes.

Hinged Boxes

Hinged boxes have a hinged lid that is attached to the base. It comes in two forms that include;

3-Sided Hinged Gift Boxes

In the three-sided hinged boxes, the lid section is attached at the base’s top edge while the three remaining sides overtop the base at either a partial or full depth.

4-Sided Hinged Gift Boxes

Four-sided hinged boxes have the lid attached to the base’s bottom edge while the remaining three sides overtop the base at a partial or full depth. Both of these boxes make a great type of custom gift boxes.

Shoulder Boxes

This is a special box famous for gift packaging. It has an internal shoulder, so you can engrave any shape depending on the gift you intend to pack inside it. This box has a removable lid that can sit on the base after removal.

Shoulder boxes come in two forms: an exposed shoulder, a little raise from the base, and the other with the covered shoulder. The latter means the shoulder is not visible until you open the gift box. Furthermore, you can adjust the height of the shoulder. We make boxes with alternative shoulder heights according to the requirements of our clients. 

Why Choose Us?

Dodo Packaging offers product-centric packaging solutions. Our aim is always the satisfaction of our customers. This aim makes our vision clear for what we can and what we must do to entertain our clients. We understand the basic needs of gift packaging.

Hence, we always offer gift packaging boxes that let your business shine. Our cardboard gift boxes still manage a competitive edge for your business in the age of such fierce competition.

Most of our clients order for premium boxes only as they benefit a great deal from these boxes. Using these boxes, you get to satisfy your clients.

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