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Looking for a creative way to store your tea leaves? A reliable option that can make your brand stand out from the rest? Look no further than Dodo Packaging’s Tea Boxes

Our boxes are made of sturdy material and are available in various colours and designs, so you can find the perfect one to match your style. Plus, our boxes are easy to assemble and make for the perfect storage solution for any tea lover. We are more into providing the desired ease to our respected customers while choosing the packaging. Therefore, we give the right of customisation to them so that they can get exactly what they are looking for.

Now, when you have learned about an exceptional way to represent your tea, what stops you from placing the order? Go visit our website and mark your order now and be ready to experience the great sale.


What Are the Tea Boxes and What Is Their Importance?

Tea boxes are the containers used to keep the tea in any form. This packaging helps to disconnect the direct interaction of the inside tea with external factors such as the air, humidity, or sunlight. This is how the tea remains effective and fresh for a long.

Moreover, the tea is more likely to lose its taste or colour if not properly packed in reliable packaging. Therefore, there is no better way to pack the tea instead of tea boxes.

Invest In the Tea Boxes Made Up of Reliable Material to Ensure the Definite Safety of The Product

When discussing any product packaging, the first thing that comes to mind is whether it’s a safety provider or not. Indeed, the product’s safety is completely dependent on the perfect manufacturing of the packaging. 

Our Product Boxes have exceptional manufacturing, which makes use different from the packaging sellers. We are more into the satisfaction of our respected customers. Therefore, we offer a wide range of material options that the packaging can be made up of. 

Following are the material options from which you can go with the one you find the best with the incredible properties:

Sturdy Rigid:

The rigid material is an incredible material option. This material not only protects the product from getting damaged. But also has such a fantastic outlook that there will be no need to add extra embellishments to the packaging. 

Moreover, this material is quite stiff, which means that the tea will remain fresh and effective for a long time because the natural factors will not reach the inside tea. 

However, once you have given a final shape to this material, there is no way back to reshape it as it has a fixed thickness of 32pt. 

Reliable Cardboard:

Tea is lightweight, which means it will be great if the Custom Tea Packaging Boxes are lightweight. For this purpose, you should go with the cardboard material. This material is a quality provider and lightweight at the same time. 

Moreover, the best feature of this material is that you can adjust the thickness if needed. While 12pt to 14pt are the points, the perfect thickness lies in between.

Nature-Friendly Kraft:

In the race of fame and name, most of the product and the packaging brands have forgotten that they have some responsibilities to pay off. Such as all the brands should invest in nature-friendly raw products. This is the reason we have added Kraft material to our offered materials. 

Indeed, this material has just incredible features. Such as you can reuse this material maximum of three times. Also, Kraft material is easily recyclable. Not only this, Kraft provides excellent safety to the product. Indeed, if you say yes to this material, you will be benefited in different ways.

Quality Corrugated:

It is a fact that no matter which product you deal in, you have to do the import or export. The same goes for the tea brands. For this product’s safe and secure transport anywhere, the packaging should withstand tears or tensions. 

However, corrugated made packaging is what you need. Indeed, the corrugated material provides the required safety to the product while being transported. Additionally, this material has a thickness in flutes which means you can add or remove the flutes as per the thickness required.

Print The Instruction on The Packaging to Make the Use and Purchase Are Easy for The Customers

The customers prefer that brand that tries its best to make the product’s selection and use easy for the customers. For this purpose, you can avail of our offered printing, such as when you print the usage direction or the product detail on the packaging, it will be easier for the customers to make the decision. 

Our offer printing consists of two different techniques. These are as follow:


This printing technique is the most ancient way of printing. Also, this is reasonably budgeted, such as you will get the required printing on the Boxes for Tea without going out of your pre-decided budget. The final printing results will be insanely pigmented and long-lasting. 


Digital printing is less time consuming and less messy. Such as in this printing technique, no setup includes the big machinery to do everything manually. All you do is send the command of the required printing on the material and then get what you asked for in less than minutes.

We Offer the Customisation So That You Can Get What You Need:

The reason behind giving the right of customisation to the customers is to get what they exactly need. Such as they can go with anything from our offerings. Such as they can customise the style, size or the number of boxes they require. Moreover, we do not charge a single penny for the customisation. 


Q No.1: Can I Print Inside or Outside the Tea Packaging?

Ans: yes! You can print whatever you want inside and out of the box. Also, we ensure the pigmented printing stay on the packaging for quite an extended period.

Q No. 2: Do you offer free delivery, and what is the delivery timing?

Ans: We offer free delivery within the region. Also, our delivery duration is from 7 to 14 business days.


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