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Dodo Packaging offers a wide range of boxes retail. Regardless of your product, we are now offering a complete set of retail packaging in Australia. 

Always look at the quality of the material while buying the retail boxes. You can also choose an attractive design for your cardboard boxes. Moreover, you have options to inscribe additional features on the retail packaging boxes that will make your packages look attractive and eye-captivating. Further, you can go through prototypes as well for a better understanding of the design.

What is the Best Material for your Retail Packaging?

Selecting material is one of the crucial steps in the retail packaging and the foremost step. Without it, you cannot move forward. That is why we have put it first to guide you well. There are several materials available in the market; their usage depends on several factors, such as the type of product, the delicacy of the product, the kind of occasion, and much more.
In conclusion, you can choose the best one for a retail package from an array of materials, some of them are::

Cardstock Material

If you want to order retail boxes for heavier products, we will recommend you a cardstock material. It is heavier than a standard writing material but lighter than other paperboards. 

Eco-Friendly Kraft

Eco-Friendly materials are the best choice for retail boxes packaging because their disposition does not harm the environment. So, if you want to have great packaging and cause no harm to the beautiful planet, go with this one for you. 

Corrugated Material

Corrugated material is ubiquitous for retail packaging, but you can also use a lower level of flutes. If you order retail boxes in wholesale, make sure you are ordering the right kind and in the right amount. 

Rigid Material

We deal in rigid packaging to give your retail boxes a premium touch. You can utilise one big rigid box and contain all of your retail packages inside it.

Use Graphics to Enhance the Appeal

We can customise your retail packaging with innovative ideas. However, it will assist you in making your products look fantastic. We offer great printing options to enhance your packaging nicely.
You can avail these printing options from which you can have one for your packaging. However, select a colour model such as PMS or CMYK, which will assist you in printing according to your objectives.
Our custom printed retail boxes will quickly meet your packaging demands. Moreover, we can modify the retail packaging for different occasions. However, we can make retail boxes presentable and attractive.
We can also make your kraft gift boxes look fabulous by inscribing add on. Our retail packages provide your customers with a tremendous inner glance of the product. Additionally, it will increase more product attraction. Moreover, we can also add perforation features with the help of various geometrical shapes.

Does Your Retail Packaging require coatings?

We offer special coatings and laminations to lock in the graphical design and make your custom retail boxes stand out amazingly. However, by availing our packages, you can make your brand stand out unique. People will like to have your unique packaging products.
So, avail of our special coatings which we offer to highlight the retail boxes. We here utilise the latest technology. The following are coatings which we offer:

  • Gloss Varnish.
  • Gloss Lamination.
  • Matte Varnish.
  • Matte Lamination.
  • Aqueous.

Choose Among Several Printing Options

Everyone loves custom retail boxes with logo and great graphical imprints. So, you can make boxes colourful to attract people. We can imprint beautiful graphics on the retail boxes according to the theme of your choice. We have special retail packages for sale.
There are various designs in retail boxes which you can avail; from us. However, graphical themes are a fabulous addition to your retail packages.
Moreover, you can put your brand logo on the box. Its benefit will be that it will improve your brand image. 

Why Choose Us?

We offer excellent quality retail boxes that you can avail of two encase your valuable products. We at Dodo Packaging provides an array of customisation for the retail boxes. So, you can have these boxes printed in favoured designs, shapes, and colours.
Therefore, we consider the strength of the materials and the quality of inks for retail boxes’ printing. Therefore high-quality stocks and the finest inks are used.
We strongly value customer satisfaction. Our 24/7 online customer care centre has highly accomplished call sales representatives to address your queries and concerns regarding custom retail packaging boxes.

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