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Custom Cosmetic Boxes: Elegant and attractive – this is what clients demand nowadays when they come to our offices. The cosmetic industry has always been blooming no matter what. Women, men, and people of all age groups like cosmetics. It gives them freedom, pleasure, and creative space. When such a thing is an important part of so many people, the pressure on packaging companies increases. 

They have to come up with unique and Custom Cosmetic Boxes to satisfy their clients. 

Dodo Packaging in this regard has done wonders! If you have queries, you can contact us anytime, anywhere. 

However, below is a thorough guide on few steps that are a must in the packaging procedure. Have a look: 

The Right Material Makes A Huge Difference

Yes, that’s true. The right material makes a huge difference, and that too in a positive sense. When you manufacture Custom Cosmetic Boxes Wholesale in good quality material, it surely hit your consumers’ hearts. 

Dodo Packaging never compromises the quality of the material. We cater to all types of materials; some of them are given below. Select the one that best suits your situation: 

  • Cardstock. Cardstock is the best for local shipments. They are strong, durable enough to meet local or national requirements. 
  • Kraft. This is the best choice for environment-enthusiasts. Biodegradable, recycled Kraft material is the number one favorite among clients. You can also create amazing cosmetic boxes using this material. 
  • Corrugated.  Corrugated will do well when it comes to long-distance shipments. Do not disappoint your international clients with low-quality material. Corrugated does the work really well. 
  • Rigid.  It is called the boss among the materials because of its thickness. The minimum thickness of a rigid material ranges up to 32 pt. It is best for PR packages and gift purposes. 

Design Your Custom Cosmetic Packaging In Amazing Style

Do you think your new product will make immense sales on the first day of launch? Suppose your product is free of harmful ingredients, it is best for all skincare, and reasonable. However, you forgot to make its packaging attractive. Do you know what will happen? People will not know the worth of your product! 

This is the impact of packaging. Therefore, our experts always recommend clients go with different styles and designs. 

Our designers make sure you get what you imagined. Following are a few of the styles that we offer: 

  • Tuck-end box
  • Sleeve box
  • Two-piece box
  • Gable box
  • Mailer Box
  • Pyramid Box
  • Rectangle Box
  • Dispenser Box, and more. 

Coating Is Essential; why?

The coating has many advantages. The primary remains the protection it provides to the surface. It protects the product from wind, water, and dust. Secondly, proper application of coating enhances its outer appearance. 

Dodo Packaging offers the famous two coating types. They are given below: 

  • Matte Coating. The matte coating consists of a coating that is non-shiny but subtle. It does not reflect in the sunlight, but that does not stop it from showcasing quality to the audience.  
  • Gloss Coating. Gloss coating is somewhat the opposite of matte coating. If you want a shiny surface and a lively one, then go with gloss coating. 

Which Printing Technique You Want For Your Cosmetic Boxes Packaging?

The printing method detects how you are going to receive the final package on your doorstep. Sounds important, isn’t it? Well, it is! 

The majority of companies, in order to get Cheap Cosmetic Boxes, choose the wrong printing technique. As a result, they have to face a huge loss. 

You can avoid such a case by working with us. Our experts will guide you well on which technique to select. Furthermore, we provide free of cost consultation services. 

These are the techniques that we employ for this purpose: 

  • Screen Printing
  • Offset Printing 
  • Digital Printing

Additional Features Will Elevate Your Brand

Do you know what will make your Pink Cosmetic Boxes lively? – The Add-Ons! 

Yes, additional features add grace, attraction, and glamour to your simple and plain boxes. Every add-on has its property and application. 

Which add-on would you like to add to your packaging procedure? Here are some of them: 

  • Spot UV
  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Window-cut
  • PVC Sheet 
  • Die-cut

Test Our Prototypes, Today!

We love it when our clients demand prototypes. It shows their commitment to work with us and at the same time gives us a chance to prove ourselves. This is why our team is always excited and determined to provide you the best experience. 

There are three ways through which you get your cosmetic box sample. They are given below: 

  • Flat View. To get the rear and front view of the box, choose this method. It’s simple and not so much costly. 
  • 3D Inspection. However, if you need to see a more detailed version of the prototype, then go for a 3D Inspection. It involves all the angles, edges, and sides of the box in the mock-up video. 
  • Physical Sampling. If you want to check the sample in front of your eyes, then go with physical sampling. We send you the prototype directly to your doorstep. 

Dodo Packaging Is The Suitable Choice For You; why?

Dodo Packaging has a lot to say or, in other words, brag about, but we do not that. We show potential clients our work; they decide then. If not that, then we show them the testimonials. Even if not that, then they can hear from their acquaintances. 

In each way, we know we will make them happy and satisfied. However, apart from this, you can read the following bullets for a better understanding of our services. They are as follows: 

  • We offer reasonable packages suitable for every business type.
  • You get further discounts on bulk orders.
  • Our delivery is free of charge. 
  • We have the quickest turnaround time.
  • You can place an order with a minimum of 100 boxes.
  • Our customer care is available 24/7

If you think we can be your packaging partner for Custom Cosmetic Boxes in Australia, then contact us anytime, anywhere. 

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