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Adoringly Designed Candle Packaging to Enhance Candles’ Specifications

Custom Candle Boxes

If a person comes to the store, the first thing they will see is the product’s packaging. The reason behind this strategy is that most of the information about the product is given by its packaging. This is the same that goes with the candles. 

A person who has visited the store to buy the candles will first see the Candle Packaging. If your packaging provides all the required information about the candles, then the customers will say yes to your candles. Also, this is not something impossible. You can do so by contacting a reliable source that deals in excellent packaging options. 

Additions To the Candle Packaging That Will Grasp the Attention of Maximum Customers

Displayed candles on the shelf with a pretty and grasping outlook have more possible chances to be noticed by the customers than candle packaging with a dull outlook. If you really want to excel in the sale of your candles, you have to invest extra in the outlook of Candle Packaging Boxes.

Following are the additions that will result in providing an impressive and attractive finishing to the packaging. 

  • Pretty Colours
  • Aesthetic Visuals of Candles
  • Add Easy to Understand Writings on Packaging

Pretty Colours:

This is a saying that colours can attract viewers. Therefore, you should add the colours to the candle packaging as these colours will help you get a maximum number of customers, which ultimately means an increased sale. 

Also, there are two different schemes of colours with lots of appealing colours. Such as there are CMYK and PMS schemes. Each of them has a wide range of colours with extreme pigmentation.

Aesthetic Visuals of Candles:

If a packaging contains the visuals of the inside product, it will work like a plus point to convince the customers what is inside the packaging. Moreover, you can decide the size of the picture of the candle on the packaging. You can either add single or as many pictures as you want to the Candle Boxes Australia.

Add Easy to Understand Writings on Packaging:

Printed properties of the candles on the packaging is another effective way to make the purchase easy for the customers. Also, you can print so many things related to candles on the packaging, which can be the associations of the candles with different occasions, meditation, positivity, and many more such things. 

Indeed, printing such things will produce the urge to buy in the customers. Also, the quotes and phrases printed on the packaging help almost every customer relate to something specific that happened with them. Therefore, you should definitely go with the printing.

Moreover, the printing is doable with the help of different techniques such as the digital and off-set. Both ensure long-lasting and weather-resistant printing.

Packaging Packaging Wholesale

Add-ons on Candle Packaging to Represent the True Meaning of Candles

Indeed, add-ons to any packaging help in the sale increase. Such as if a product packaging has a grasping finishing, definitely the customers will prefer that product. Therefore, if you want to take the sale of your candles to an insane level, you should also add the add-ons to the Candle Boxes Wholesale

Available add-ons include the foiling, spot UV, window patch, embossing and debossing. These add-ons have individual exceptionality. The choice is all yours, which one you want to add to your candle packaging. 


This add-on is great to prevent the box from moisture. Also, foiling makes the box water and dust resistant.

Spot UV:

If there is something that you want to be prominent on the packaging, which can be words, visuals, or anything, you can use the spot UV. This add-on will enhance the targeted thing, and the customers will easily see that.

Window Patch:

There are two different types of window patches. One is the die-cut, and the other is PVC. If you add the die-cut window patch to the packaging, you will be able to see the inside candles and be able to touch them. On the other side, the PVC window patch has a plastic sheet on it which means you can only see the inside candles. 

Embossing and Debossing:

 The working of the embossing and debossing is quite similar to the spot UV. The only difference is that embossing engraves the letters or the visuals. However, the debossing suppresses the letters or the visuals.

Ensure The Definite Safety of Fragile Candles with Quality Made Packaging

Everybody knows that candles are fragile and have more possible chances of getting damaged easily. Therefore, these should be packed in packaging made up of high-quality material and a reliable manufacturing style. 

Besides, Candle Packaging Boxes Wholesale comprises highly dependable Kraft material. This material has such amazing and uncountable properties that you will surely be ready to invest in the packaging made up of this material to keep your candles.

Moreover, the fantastic properties of this material include the following:

  • Adjustable thickness
  • Recyclability
  • Durability
  • Leaves no harm to nature

Adjustable Thickness:

Kraft material has a fixable thickness so that you can adjust it according to the requirement. Like, whether you are about to pack single or many candles in Custom Candle Boxes, this is how you will decide the thickness of the kraft material.


Kraft material is easily recyclable. Also, you can reuse this material almost three times.


The toughness of Kraft material is quite enough. Such as you can trust this material easily for the safety of the delicate candles. 

Leaves No Harm to Nature:

Kraft material does not cause any harm to nature, and that is because of its recyclability.

Get The Perfectly Fitted Packaging to Maintain the Original Shape of Candles

Candles can lose their shape just by little tension. Therefore, the maintenance of the candles matters a lot. This will be possible if the Candle Packaging has the exact shape as required. Also, if you are not getting the packaging that will fit your candles perfectly, you can ask for a customized shape. Also, you will not be charged extra for the customization as the packaging manufacturers offer the customization free of cost.

Looking for Something Outside the box?

For custom projects of large quantity of Custom Boxes or Custom Printed Boxes, Dodo Packaging is offering die cuts, litho, special finishes, additional styles and more.

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