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7 Ways To Decorate Your Bath Bomb Boxes With Dreams

wholesale bath bomb boxes packaging

Bath bomb boxes hold incredible potential for beauty and decoration. However, there are very few tutorials or idea generators out there on how to decorate them in creative ways.

That’s why I decided to spend some time thinking of new ideas for beautiful bath bomb boxes. Some are extremely easy to make, while others will take a bit more effort per box. Keep reading to find out how to make beautiful and creative bath bomb boxes that add a touch of artistic flair to your home.
But wait, why do you want to go through the trouble of making them yourself? Why not hire professionals to do the job for you?

Professional packaging solution companies can help you with designing, printing, and decorating your boxes. They are also willing to produce a relatively large volume of them, so you don’t have to worry about taking time off from work now and then just to drop by their shop for some product handout or other promotional stuff.

The following seven tips will help you make wholesale bath bomb boxes that captivate the customers. Read on!

1. Embellishments Are Your Best Friend

Embellishing your bath bomb packaging boxes is not difficult. You can easily make custom bath bomb boxes by gluing some embellishments on them using craft glue. They can be rocks, beads, gems, twigs… basically, anything you think would look nice on it. But don’t limit yourself to boring stuff —you can even use glitter glue if you think it would look good.

Custom Bath Bomb Boxes

2. Use Stickers To Jazz Up The Boxes

Stickers are another simple decoration option for custom bath bomb boxes. You can get them from craft stores in a virtually infinite number of shapes, sizes and designs. To find a design that matches your product, you can search online for websites that offer custom stickers or simply browse through the items on your own. Stickers are either self-adhesive (peel and stick) or require adhesive glue.

Use scented stickers if possible to entice buyers with different scents!

3. Add Jewellery To It

You don’t have to add real jewellery—the cheap stuff looks just as great. You can cover your custom printed bath bomb boxes with beads, shells and other knick-knacks you have around the house. Don’t forget to use craft glue when attaching them, though!

4. Print On It

If you haven’t already thought of this one, print your business name and logo on your wholesale bath bomb boxes to make them stand out. There are several ways to incorporate printing into the decorating process:

  • Use a photo of you or your business as a background and print your company’s name and logo over it. Just make sure that the photo is large enough for printing purposes. Otherwise, it will look really weird.
  • Use your logo as a background pattern. Make sure to use a good-looking logo, though, or people will think you are cheap!
  • Print pictures of your products on the boxes instead of wasting money on photo shoots. This can be used when launching new products too.

Printed bath bomb boxes are sure to turn heads.

5. Use Spray Paint For Faux Finishing 

Customizing your bath bomb packaging using spray paint is a cheap yet perfect way to make them stand out. Just choose the colour you think looks best on it, spritz away and voilà!

Faux finishing also adds texture to the custom bath bomb boxes, making them look more beautiful than ever.

6. Add Clear Coating For Protection

Wholesale Bath Bomb Boxes AU

Bath bomb packaging supplies are notoriously fragile, so if you want them to last longer, try adding a clear coating. Just mix the two parts and brush them on your boxes. It should dry within an hour, but wait for three days before packaging your product in them just to be safe!

Clear coating provides added shine and protection to your custom bath bomb boxes. 

7. Get Your Hands On Some Rubber Stamps

Rubber stamps are another great way to decorate your custom bath bomb boxes—plus, they require no artistic talent whatsoever. Just find a rubber stamp that is either rectangular or square and adhere it to the corner of each box using double-sided tape (it’s best if you can do this before printing). 

Then, make sure to ink the stamp with a colour that suits your custom bath bomb packaging boxes and land it on the top of each box using a hammer or rubber mallet. You can use regular letters or numbers as borders for this project, but make sure you don’t choose one that doesn’t suit your business’s image!


There are various ways to decorate your custom bath bomb boxes. However, won’t it be easy to hire professionals who can get you bath bomb boxes in Australia that outshine the competition?

Dodo Packaging can help you out. We are one of the best custom packaging manufacturers who offer incredible customization options. Whether you want custom bath bomb boxes in Perth or custom bath bomb boxes in Melbourne, we can help you out.

Contact us and manifest your attractive bath bomb boxes today!

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